Philosophy behind why we need both science and religion to process the end of time.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Gripping my mother’s hand, I curiously peered over the coffin’s edge, finding a pale sleeping woman inside. Her eyes were closed and dusted with pink eye shadow. Her lips were pressed into a delicate smile. Prior to seeing my dead aunt, my mother warned me that she was gone. But how could this be? Her hands looked plump and warm and she was wrapped in her favorite cashmere coat. She did not look dead. But I still felt odd: unpleasant, uncomfortable, and squeamish like my primitive instincts understood a grotesque truth. Even a four year old knows when the soul…

Discussing the stereotype that harms Asian Americans in STEM

The first time it happened, I was in elementary school when I received my first C on an English assignment. The strawberry blonde haired boy next to me jeered, “You’re so stupid for an Asian.” My stomach instantly knotted and my heart pounded. A warm red glow creeped up my ears and cheeks. I quickly crumpled the edge of the paper with my hand to hide the academic death sentence marked in angry red. …

Anna Li Qiao Gilstrap

Undergraduate studying molecular biology

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